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    Qus : Why should I purchase a timeshare and how does it work?
    Ans : Purchasing a timeshare can divert otherwise lost vacation money into a piece of vacation real estate serving your vacation needs for the rest of your life. Timeshare weeks can be reserved at your home resort or can be traded to other resorts through an exchange company.
    Qus : What are the BENEFITS to owning timeshare ?
    Ans : you will have guaranteed quality future resort vacations for yourself and others in your family. You will have beaten vacation inflation, which means you SAVE MONEY! You will have the privilege of using Bonus Time at your resort, so you can enjoy mini-vacations in addition to the timeshare week(s) you own.
    Qus : How long do I get to stay at the resort if I purchase?
    Ans : Usually one week - 7 nights. Timeshares are typically sold in intervals consisting of a seven-night stay.
    Qus : Can I use the resort at other times in addition to my week usage?
    Ans : Yes. Most resorts offer additional time to owners at a reduced rate; this benefit is most commonly known as bonus time.
    Qus : Will I receive all major benefits that the resorts are offering if I purchase through TimeshareIndia.com?
    Ans : Yes. All major benefits transfer to you when you purchase a resale timeshare, plus the resale price would always be less than what the developer must be offering on his new inventory.
    Qus : Will I have to pay any outstanding maintenance fees in addition to the purchase price?
    Ans : No. Every sale through timeshareindia.com is guaranteed to be free of outstanding balances.
    Qus : Will I receive clear title on the property?
    Ans : Yes. Every sale is scrutinized by TimeshareIndia.com before being offered.
    Qus : What is the difference between deeded and leased time share purchase?
    Ans : Most vacation ownerships consist of either a deeded interest or a leased interest for a specific number of years. A deeded interest is owned outright forever. It is an absolute right that can be sold, leased, or even willed to your heirs. The less common leased interest is much like an apartment lease except right to use it is restricted to a specific week during the year. Upon the expiration of the lease term your right to use it will generally terminate and return to the resort. With a leased interest you should know the terms and conditions of the lease prior to making the decision to buy.
    Qus : I'm ready for a time share purchase, where do I start?
    Ans : Let's say you have two or three really attractive timeshare resorts in mind. They all have the features you're looking for, all are in your price range, and you can see yourself committing at least 10 years of vacationing there. If at all possible, visit the sites. Start getting some feedback from other timeshare owners and other sources; see what they say about the resort and the price you've been quoted. Be sure and pick up all available literature and to get all terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.
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