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    Qus : What is Timeshare ?
    Ans : Timeshare is a form of holiday ownership. Here a person owns the rights to use a week in an apartment or villa on a holiday resort for a great many years. Timeshare accommodation is generally of a much higher standard than hotel or rented accommodation. Accommodation ranges from a modest studio to apartments and villas with three bedroom, three bathrooms, lounge, dining etc.
    Qus : What's RCI ?
    Ans : Resort Condominiums International, or RCI, is the oldest and largest exchange company in the world. RCI allows timeshare owners to trade their timeshare weeks with other timeshare owners around the world. RCI Timeshare has been in business for almost 30 years and currently works with over 3700 resorts in 100 countries. RCI provides services in global travel and leisure. RCI offers timeshare exchange services through RCI Points, and RCI Weeks.
    Qus : What is Interval international?
    Ans : Interval International is the second largest and second oldest exchange company behind RCI. With over 1700 resorts in 35 countries around the world, Interval International operates much like RCI, offering quality exchange services for its clients worldwide.
    Qus : What are timeshare accommodations generally like?
    Ans : Timeshares are more accommodating than a mere hotel room. Condominium-style units usually feature fully-furnished kitchens, generous living areas, and ample sleeping options for family or friends.
    Qus : What is a Bi-annual timeshare?
    Ans : Property that can be used every other year.
    Qus : What is a Gold crown resort?
    Ans : The top rating given to a resort in the Resort Condominium International system.
    Qus : What is red, white and blue time?
    Ans : Color system used for rating the desirability of a timeshare week. red is considered the most desirable followed by white and blue. Red is the peak season, White the mid-season and Blue is considered the off-season.
    Qus : What are maintenance charges?
    Ans : An annual fee paid to maintain and improve the property.
    Qus : What is a floating week?
    Ans : Vacation time that can be used anytime of the year based upon availability and here the week is not fixed.
    Qus : What is exchanging?
    Ans : The act of trading vacation time with other owners for a one time use.
    Qus : What is a banked week?
    Ans : Week of timeshare deposited in one of the many companies to be saved or banked.
    Qus : Will my resort resell my property?
    Ans : Most resorts don't even offer a resale program. If they have new units to sell they will focus on them.
    Qus : Do I have to pay a maintenance fee on my timeshare?
    Ans : YES. A timeshare property's Developer collects an annual maintenance fee from the timeshare owners to keep the property in quality condition. As an owner you can actively participate in your homeowner's association if it exists in your resort.
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