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    Timeshareindia - Since 1996

    Our focus lies in implementing timeshare sales, renting and buying and dedicated world class support has been key to our success since 1996.

    Timeshare India a wide spread network of Trusted Partners and Resellers we are one of the leading specialist timeshare company in the industry in India, since 1996 acting for some of the most prestigious with a highly skilled and dedicated manpower.

    Ours is a firm dedicated to the ethical representation ,service and satisfaction of sellers and buyers in the holiday ownership industry.

    We take pride in the service we provide to our clients and customers and look forward to providing the same high level of professional service today, tomorrow and in future, we bring to you specialized sales expertise.

    What Is Timeshare ?

    Timeshare means owning a week annually at a resort, for instance you can choose to own the 52nd week of December every year in a resort of your choice and if you feel you can even swap with other timeshare members. Timeshare resorts divide their weeks into "Red", "White","Blue". The most popular season is "Red", midseason is "White", and low season is "Blue". Seasons vary with the location of the resorts.

    With timeshare you pay a one time purchase price plus an annual maintenance fee and you own your vacation ! its that simple.

    You may use it, gift it ,rent it for income, loan it to friends or family, sell it or will it your family plus you have thousand locations worldwide to use through the exchange clubs for a modest exchange fee.

    Timeshare is a choice between OWNING a vacation and RENTING a vacation.


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